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How This Works

Order your client’s DNA Kit to be drop-shipped from the lab


Your client will receive an email so they can complete their order by confirming their shipping address and signing their consent form.

Track their kit progress and SelfDecode DNA results online


You and your client will receive an email notification once we receive the sample confirming that the sample is being processed. You will receive another email to review their DNA results once they’re ready.

Example Clinical Uses

 1 : Risks of Substance Addictions 
 and Medication Responses 

Note: These health risk information is not to be relied upon on its own. Instead, they need to be taken into account in the context of patient’s history and health status (phenotypes), which is why SelfDecode Pro is an extremely powerful tool to support treatment decisions and improve outcomes.

 2 : Health Recommendations 
 Based on Bookmarked SNPs 

Explore specific remedies that biochemically improve the function of genes within the pathway of interest, and toxins/drugs to stay away from based on the bookmarked SNPs.

 3 : Narrow Down Genes that Affect Their Conditions or 
 Lab Levels with the Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer 

Ex: SNPs that may affect cholesterol levels, sorted by the risk alleles specific for the client.

Ex 2: Risk alleles that may affect risks and severity of asthma.

Substances that may help or harm based on these genes: 

SelfDecode Practitioner Membership Privileges

 SelfDecode DNA Test Kit  Practitioner Pricing 

Comparing to 23andme V5 (605000) and Ancestry (700,000), our chip contains over 900,000 SNPs that significantly influence health risks, including genes such as MTHFR, ApoE, COMT, Vitamin D Receptor (VDR), HLA variants, and many more.

This comprehensive coverage allows us to provide the most comprehensive health reports and accurately deduce actionable recommendations.

To see a list of all SNPs that we cover, see our sample genotype file here.

SelfDecode DNA Test Kit covers more SNPs that affect health and wellness than any other kit in the industry.

Your SelfDecode Practitioner Subscription provides you with special practitioner pricing for the SelfDecode DNA Kit. This allows you to charge your clients for extra DNA testing and consultation services.

 DNA Wellness Reports 

Our DNA Wellness Reports compile the genes and variants relevant to specific topics and give you science-based natural recommendations about how you can overcome your genetic weaknesses.

Current reports include:

 SelfHacked VIP 

Your SelfDecode membership includes a full access to SelfHacked VIP. Gain access to a full suite of SelfHacked products, bonuses, direct access to monthly Q&As with Joe Cohen.

SelfDecode Analyzes Tools That Allow You to Leverage Your Client’s Genetic Information

Access SelfDecode Analysis Tools that Cover ALL of your 900,000 SNPs, including: 

Bad Gene Fixes

Substance Explorer
(Top gene-specific recommendations)

74 Health Risk/Trait Categories to gain comprehensive risk insight

Custom Gene Packs

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  • Unlimited file uploads
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  • Unlimited DNA Wellness Reports
  • Compare genes among your patients
  • Full access to SelfDecode analysis tools for each file upload
  • Access to personalized genetic blog for each user
  • Enhanced and expedited customer support
  • SelfDecode Practitioner Training
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Our story:
 How SelfDecode became 
 the genetic decoder for health hackers

Hi, I’m Joe Cohen, of SelfHacked.com

I won the genetic lottery for a combination of rare bad genes, such as being homozygous for MTHFR C677T and CNR1 rs1049353. At the same time, I was eating a diet full of gluten and dairy, sleeping poorly, and living in toxic environment.

As a result, I struggled with unrelenting brain fog, depression, fatigue, digestive problems, and a myriad of other health issues. This got so bad that I flunked all of my college classes and couldn’t hold down a job. I couldn’t even date. 

Although I was struggling, all of my health issues were subclinical and doctors were of no help. Advice from the health blogs wasn't catered to my specific biology and nothing exactly suited my DNA.

I found that several of my health hacks that worked corresponded with certain bad genes, which is when I realized the power of using genetics to improve health.

So I reverse-engineered this process with my clients, because everyone is different. So far, I have seen over 1000 clients, the majority of them with tough inflammatory health issues that no doctor or alternative practitioners could figure out, including brain fog, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, autoimmunity, and many more.

Complex problems require complex solutions, examining all the genes and extracting all the possible information from the scientific literature. I found no such DNA software that would satisfy my own or my client’s’ needs, so I founded SelfDecode.

I've had over 1,000 clients, who would send me their genetics from companies such as 23andme and Ancestry. I tried to use all the other programs out there, but I found that they weren't easy to use or comprehensive enough, which is why I founded SelfDecode. Looking at my clients' DNA now is way more simpler than it ever was.


“It provides a summary of peer-reviewed research into possible links between genetic polymorphisms and diseases, conditions or traits.  It does not make bold unsubstantiated claims, and appears to present its findings without bias.  Everything you would want in a scientific source.”

"Joe Cohen has researched every possible mind and body health connection there is available in the universe, and has presented his findings in an easy to read format, including citations. He really knows what he is talking about and has shared his knowledge with others! Love that man. Wish regular medical doctors would follow his lead."

“Packed with information and tools! Links to published research, use of algorithms to help interpret importance of particular SNPs, and summary of potential fixes are unique and very helpful. Very ambitious in all that it attempts to synthesize without oversimplifying! Great job!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demonstration of how to use the site

Our Demo Tour will give you a basic overview of how to use SelfDecode.

Which DNA company does SelfDecode support

We support DNA data from the following providers: 23AndMe, Ancestry, Courtagen, Family Tree, My Heritage, Atlas, Map My Genome, Diagnomics, Genes For Good, DNA.Land, Illumina, Genos (Version 1 and 2), Living DNA, and iGene.

Alternatively, you could look into whole genome sequencing which can provide you with information on all 10 million SNPs and many other types of genetic variations.

How do I print out a report?

Once you set up your account and upload your gene, you can unlock the DNA Wellness Report at selfdecode.com/report. In addition, you can download specific variant report here.

Why subscription model?

A subscription model allows you to continually access SelfDecode for your practice. In addition, this allows us to continue to add new features, data, and DNA Wellness Reports to the site.

What are your data security policies?

At SelfDecode, we take your privacy and the security of your genetic data very seriously. Only vetted and trusted employees of SelfDecode have access to the administrator/backend portion of the site and the text files are stored securely on Amazon’s cloud, with only one person having access.

SelfDecode is committed to our user's privacy. That is why we ensure our infrastructure meets modern security standards by enforcing the following practices:
- Secure SSL Certified Connections Only
- Script Protection
- Disk Write Protections
- Plugin Access Restriction
- External Security Penetration Testing
- Annual SAS 70 Type II Examinations
- Encryption of All Backup Media
- Maintain Audit Logs

We never share our data with any third party companies and have no plan to share this data in the future.

We collect the least amount of information possible to provide you with the service, such as your name and email address. We do not collect home addresses or other identifying information.

You also have an option to use a pseudonym if identifying information is a concern.

Your payment is processed by reputable and secure payment processing companies, i.e. Stripe and PayPal.

We also honor customer requests to completely delete their information from our database.

What should I do with the information presented?

Genes load the gun, while environment pulls the trigger. Your client’s health condition is an outcome of both their genes and environment (diet, sleep, habits, stress, medications etc). Therefore, their genetic information should be considered in the context of their health, symptoms, medical history, current treatments, and lifestyle factors. Your clinical skills will be invaluable to incorporate all of this information and developing the appropriate treatment protocols. In some cases, if their genes suggest some low-risk health hacks or lifestyle changes to meet your health goal, it might be worth trying them. However, it is best to only make high-risk or drastic changes while being monitored by a licensed healthcare professional. SelfDecode is not to be used as a replacement for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

How do I contact support?

Our support email is

Become a  Pro SelfDecoder 

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Unlock any of our DNA Wellness Reports for your client and analyze their DNA file using SelfDecode as part of your service.

The test fee covers 100% of the testing and shipping costs. The samples and data will be handled with the strictest quality and privacy standards, including the HIPAA act. Facilities that we partner with are accredited by AABB.

In addition, your client’s personal health data will never be sold or rented for any reason. You will have full access to your raw data. Lastly, you can request to close your account and delete your information, including your DNA data, at any time.

As a professional membership, you will have unlimited access to all of our DNA Wellness Reports for all files on your account.