A Scientific Deep-Dive Reveals Health Hacks Targeted to Your Genes to Optimize Your Sleep

Your genetic tendencies strongly influence how you respond to sleep improvement techniques and circadian cues. 

Understanding your genetic make-up will help you better pinpoint effective ways to improve your sleep.

Access the Most Cutting-Edge Gene-Based Sleep Hacks  Without Becoming a Clinical Geneticist

Why It Is Important to Optimize Your Sleep

Your genetic tendencies strongly influence how you respond to sleep improvement techniques and circadian cues. 

Because your genes strongly influence your sleep and chronotype, understanding your genes allows you to better optimize your sleep.

Understanding your genetic make-up will help you better pinpoint effective ways to improve your sleep.

For example, knowing your genetic chronotype, or tendency to be a night owl or a morning bird, allows you to customize the healthiest and most productive lifestyle. 

How Understanding Your Genes

Improve Your Sleep


P2RY2 is a uridine and adenosine receptor, whose function is important for sleep.

Variants that reduce P2RY2 activity increase your chances of having insomnia, especially if you consume caffeine.

If you struggle with insomnia and have these variants, consuming uridine supplements or skipping coffee may significantly improve your sleep.

Make the Most of Your Sleep-Related Genetic Information with SelfDecode’s Sleep Genetics Report Features, Including:

Cutting-Edge Information for Cutting Edge Sleep Hacks,  
Risk Assessment, and Disease Prevention

Covering all the relevant genes for proper sleep interpretation and recommendations - not just the most popular ones

Easy to understand descriptions, interpretations, and recommendations - no need for advanced degrees to understand and use these personalized gene reports

Using advanced genetic information and interpretation that are not yet available in medical practices

Focusing on optimal health, disease prevention, and education, rather than diagnosis

Aspects of Sleep Covered in the Sleep Genetic Report


Restless Leg Syndrome



Sleep Duration

Teeth Grinding


Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep Quality

Simple Step-by-Step Process to Get Started

You will be prompted to enter your name and upload you SNP file (if you have not done so in SelfDecode yet)

Step 1

Once your SNP file has been uploaded, we generate your report within minutes!

Step 2

You can download your genetic report to read, learn, and share with your healthcare providers

Step 3

Your Sleep DNA Wellness Report is unique and personalized specifically for you and your sleep improvement journey

SelfDecode's Personalized Sleep DNA Wellness Report

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Unlock SelfDecode's Sleep DNA Wellness Report

Personalized Sleep DNA Wellness Reports are More Affordable Than Genetic Consults in a Medical Setting

Average cost of a 15-minute visit with a genetic counselor:
$150 - $3000

Average cost of a consultation with a health coach:

Average cost of testing for disease genes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Gene Reports cost?

All subscribers to SelfDecode receive their Introductory Gene Reports completely free! They can also order additional, more specialized Gene Reports for just $29 each.

A full individual membership to SelfDecode is available for just $59 per year. We also offer a special discounted family plan that includes gene files for up to three individual members for just $118 per year.

SelfDecode Professional Plan members can access all gene reports for every patient file they upload.

Can I order Gene Reports even if I am not a SelfDecode member?

Yes! We offer a special membership to SelfDecode that includes access to our Gene Reports without any of the other features included in a full membership. Under this plan, you can order an Introductory Gene Report for $49, as well as our more specialized Gene Reports for $59 each.

What happens after I order my Gene Report?

After you purchase your Gene Report, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your genetic data. You’ll then be able to download your reports under the Gene Reports tab.

Can I see a sample of what is included in a Gene Report?

Yes! You can look at a sample report using Joe Cohen’s DNA data here.

Where should I get my genes tested?

We recommend 23andme, as our gene reports include the SNPs that are on the latest version of the 23andme chip.

However, you can still use data from other genetic testing services, such as Ancestry and FamilyTreeDNA, if you prefer -- just be aware that not every testing company might include each and every SNP that we analyze in our Gene Reports.

Please note that we are not a subsidiary or partner of these companies.

What if the most important SNPs are not included in my genome file?

We have specifically designed our Gene Reports to analyze the SNPs that can give you the most reliable and actionable information about your health. However, individual SNPs are only a small part of your overall genetic profile, and we can still make the best out of whatever genetic information you have -- even if it is not totally complete!  Therefore, the interpretation of your SNPs and health advice derived from them should be taken into account in the context of your symptoms, health status, and lifestyle. Even if your genome file is missing certain SNPs, our software will take into account all available data -- as well as information about your symptoms, health status, and lifestyle -- to generate your Gene Report and to make appropriate lifestyle recommendations.

How do I know my data is secure?

We take your privacy and data security very seriously. This is why we employ multiple layers of data protection, including:

Secured data encryption.

Restricting employee access to personally identifiable information.

Only collecting the minimum information necessary to provide you with your requested services.

We do not and will not sell or make available any of your data to third-party companies.

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You can read our privacy policy here.


Our reports are designed for informational purposes only, and not for the treatment or diagnosis of disease. We aim to provide helpful insights and easy to implement lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. You should consult with your doctor before using any recommendations provided in our gene reports, especially if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the intricate research that goes in to these reports, we will not be able to provide a refund once you have uploaded your genetic information into our site for the purpose of the Gene Reports. 

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Unlock SelfDecode's Sleep DNA Wellness Report
Unlock SelfDecode's Sleep DNA Wellness Report