The Single Biggest Genetic Risk Factor that Predisposes You to Cognitive Dysfunction, Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Disease 

Your ApoE variant could be responsible for your chronic inflammation and poor cognitive function.

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The ApoE gene is the most significant known cause of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.

It both increases the overall risk and reduces the age of onset.

Poor ApoE function can lead to mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease.

Up to 60% of Alzheimer’s patients are ApoE-ε4 carriers. Among the carriers, post-menopausal women are at the highest risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Fortunately, these ApoE variants are two of the most studied human genetic variants that existed, and there are many practical steps you take to improve your odds, once you’re aware of your genotype.

ApoE is responsible for:

Protecting neurons and the brain

Reducing oxidative stress

Protecting against infections

Controlling the immune response and inflammation

The transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol

PPAR-γ function and the ApoE gene

Reduced ApoE function can raise your cholesterol and make your brain more susceptible to damage. The ApoE-ε4 genotype results in significantly lower function and levels of the ApoE protein.


The PPAR-γ protein is responsible for controlling the production of the ApoE proteins and several activators of PPAR-γ have been proposed as preventive or treatment drugs for Alzheimer’s.

SelfDecode’s ApoE DNA Wellness Report includes ways to assess your PPAR-γ function and naturally ensure that your PPAR-γ gene works optimally.

Health Risks Associated with the ApoE-ε2 Allele

Contrary to popular belief, the ApoE-ε2 allele actually decreases the function of ApoE. Although this variant of ApoE-ε2 is neuroprotective, it does confer its own health risks.

For this genotype, it becomes even more important to regularly monitor blood work and live a lifestyle that is compatible with your ApoE-ε2 variant.


Reduce triglycerides

Reduce risks of Type-III hyperlipoproteinemia

Manage blood sugar

Unlock the ApoE DNA Wellness Report Now

Covers All Research Published to Date About the ApoE Gene and Your Variants
This is the first report that covers all published information about the ApoE gene and your variants. This report has 154 scientific references written by our molecular geneticist and neuroscientist.

An interpretation of your ApoE genotype

Health risks and benefits of your ApoE genotype

Detailed diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on SelfHacked’s Proprietary Biochemical Analysis and clinical experience optimizing cognitive function for over 1,000 clients

A Modified Mediterranean Diet Guide to Reduce Your Risks of Alzheimer’s

Jonathan Ritter
PhD (Pharmacology)

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