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"SelfDecode is an amazing genetic analyzing tool. The coolest part about it is that your customized genetic report is woven into the vast body of content and knowledge on the website so every article and resource becomes super specific to YOU. It’s incredibly thorough and informative. You’re going to learn a ton about how your genes tick so you can make practical changes that change your life for the better."

Get Personalized Health Recommendations Based on Your DNA

Improve longevity, inflammation, cognitive function, & more with personalized recommendations

Identify problem genes & learn how to counteract negative effects

Strictest privacy policy: your data is safe


Upload your DNA file from 23andMe,, Dante Labs & more.
Or get your DNA tested with our highly secure DNA kit! 

Get more from your DNA with SelfDecode:

We deliver natural health suggestions that you can implement right away for relevant issues like:

We only use peer-reviewed scientific studies in our research and check for contradicting information (we always provide references that you can check!)

We look at more genes & more SNPs to deliver the best supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations (over 150,000 SNPs analyzed!)

What can you learn from your genes?

Your DNA contains endless information about your health.
For the topic of longevity alone, your genetic variants could tell you if you might be more at risk for conditions that decrease life expectancy such as:

High levels of oxidative stress that may damage cells

Chronic inflammation or premature aging 

heart disease

Numerous other conditions that can decrease life expectancy

The key is to learn which genes are increasing your risk so that you can customize your health regimen to counteract any negative effects and get you even better results.

Stop wasting your time trying hundreds of supplements.

Use SelfDecode to create a health regimen tailored to YOUR body to address health concerns like: 

Increasing longevity

Gut inflammation

Improving athletic performance

Improving cognition

Improving mood

And so much more!

People are transforming their lives with SelfDecode





Very concise but thorough analysis on topics most doctors won't talk about although a number of studies are out there.


SelfDecode is a extensive information resource that doesn't "dumb down" technical information, yet makes available information in a highly readable and comprehensive way. SelfDecode cross references in such a way that any potential inquiry can provide insights I haven't seen available anywhere else.


I love being able to access this information on my terms. No doctor has this detailed information.I can study and try new things and check results. Very grateful for the ability to access this information.

SelfDecode Identifies Problem Genes & Provides Personalized Recommendations To Optimize Your Health

DNA Wellness Reports

We analyze many genes & SNPs of a particular health topic to determine which diet, supplement and lifestyle choices should work best for you. See your personalized recommendations prioritized with the most impactful changes at the top! Your recommendations will take into account ALL of your genetic variations covered in our report. 

Looking for anti-aging supplements?
Bioavailable curcumin could help you even more if you have certain IL-10 variants.

Can’t sleep at night?
Your PGC-1α gene could be to blame, and there's specific supplements to counteract it.

Want to enhance your cognition?
Check if you have negative BDNF and CNR1 genetic variations, and get recommendations for them.

Struggling with anxiety or depression?
Find out if your genes could decrease serotonin, and the best supplement to increase it.


Personalized Genetics Blog

These aren’t just generic health articles.
The content of the blog changes based on your DNA! 

Get new articles every week that give your genes a score (positive, neutral, negative), along with personalized suggestions on the topic or gene discussed.

Find articles such as:


Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer

Find out what genes are contributing to the problems you’re experiencing.

You can search for anything: from low testosterone and anxiety to Alzheimer’s Disease. Our Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer will find your risk variants and show you how your genes play a role.


“My favorite tool in SelfDecode are the DNA Wellness Reports.
All I have to do is download my report for any topic I’m interested in and I can instantly see the genes putting me at risk and what I can do to counteract the negative effects”

 Ben Greenfield 

Optimize Your Health in 3 Easy Steps

Upload your DNA file or order a SelfDecode DNA Kit.


Download your personalized reports and implement recommendations.


Watch your health improve!


SelfDecode DNA Test Kit

Our DNA kit chip was carefully created for its highly accurate testing capabilities and wide range of SNP coverage - more coverage than 23andme and Ancestry. Containing over 700,000 SNPs that significantly influence health risks, including genes such as MTHFR, ApoE, COMT, Vitamin D Receptor (VDR), HLA variants, and many more, our kit will provide the insight we need to provide the most comprehensive health reports and actionable recommendations.

You will fully own your genetic data, having access to both your raw data and genetic insights on SelfDecode.

Worldwide Shipping Available!


Frequently Asked Questions

Self Decode © 2021 All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

Which genetic files does SelfDecode support?

We support DNA data from the following test providers: 23AndMe, Ancestry, Family Tree, My Heritage, Genos, Nebula Genomics, Dante Labs, Atlas, Map My Genome, Diagnomics, Genes For Good, DNA.Land, Illumina, Living DNA, Courtagen, iGene, and more! 

If your provider is not listed here, we may still support your file! Email us at to inquire. 

Why should I get my DNA tested?

Understanding your genetic tendencies can tell you a lot about whether your diet, lifestyle, or certain remedies, are working for or against you.

Whether you seek to optimize your health or overcome a pre-existing issue, getting your DNA genotyped will tell you a lot about your body and open doors to effective gene-targeted protocols.

Why should I get my DNA tested with SelfDecode rather than other companies?

Humans have about 10 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), the majority of which have no effect on health. To make genotyping affordable, DNA testing companies focus on a subset most relevant to their goals, such as for identifying ancestral lineage or for health research.

23andme tests approximately 650,000 variants, while Ancestry tests for 669,000 variants. The SelfDecode DNA kit tests over 700,000 variants.

The SelfDecode DNA chip will help ensure you don’t miss out on your core health SNPs. The latest version of 23andme appears to exclude several SNPs SelfDecoders are interested in.

What if I don’t have a genetics or medical background?

You’re at the right place!

SelfDecode was created to help people just like you make the most of their genetic data. In the past year, we have released our DNA Wellness Reports, which shortlist your most important SNPs, explain their importance, and give gene-targeted health tips anyone can understand.

We make it easy to understand if your genes are producing positive or negative health effects on our Personalized Genetics Blog by showing you a red sad face, orange neutral face or green happy face. Then, we provide personalized suggestions based on your unique results.

All of our information is backed by science, so you'll always find references throughout our reports and articles, but we work hard at analyzing the information so that we can present it to you in an easy-to-understand manner.

Why a subscription?

Your genes remain the same, but new technologies and research continue to emerge. With a subscription to SelfDecode, you’ll have an exclusive first look at this new information and how it relates to your own health and wellness. 

A subscription gives you unlimited access to DAILY articles from the world's first Personalized Genetics Blog! On the cutting edge SelfDecode blog, we discuss various health topics and the content of the post changes based on your DNA. 

Whenever you encounter new health-related symptoms or conditions, you can easily track possible gene-related causes or contributions with instant access to our Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer.

Labs are always changing and SelfDecode also allows you to track your labs with our Lab Test Analyzer.

Alternatively, if you prefer a non-subscription model, you can upgrade to a lifetime membership!

Is There a Demonstration About How to Use the Site?

Once you sign up to SelfDecode there will be a Demo Tour to walk you through the app.

How can I search for specific genes or SNPs?

You can search for specific genes or SNPs using the search function, which can be found by clicking the magnifying glass on the right side of the navigation bar.

What should I do with the information presented?

Your genetic information should be considered in the context of your health, your symptoms, medical history, current treatments, and lifestyle factors. If your genes suggest some low-risk health hacks or lifestyle changes to meet your health goal, it might be worth trying them. However, it is best to only make high-risk or drastic changes while being monitored by a healthcare professional. In all cases, consult your healthcare practitioner. SelfDecode is not to be used as a replacement for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. When signed into SelfDecode, simply hover over "My Account" at the top right and click on your Dashboard.
From the dashboard, click on "Manage Subscriptions", then to cancel click on the "Cancel My Subscription" button.
When you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the app at the end of the billing cycle. Until then, you will be able to continue using SelfDecode as usual.

What does the SelfDecode Lifetime Plan Include?

The lifetime plan (a one-time fee of $297 or $387 with a DNA Kit) includes all current and upcoming features and DNA Wellness Reports on SelfDecode for one user.

These new features include:

The Personalized Genetics Blog, which will regularly give you personalized health recommendations based on your genes.
- A new and improved symptoms and conditions analyzer.
- Unlimited FREE DNA Wellness Reports.

Is my data secure?

Our business model is selling you the tools to analyze your DNA to optimize your health. As opposed to other companies, we never sell your data to other companies nor do we share user data with any third parties.

At SelfDecode, we take your privacy and the security of your genetic data very seriously. Only vetted and trusted employees of SelfDecode have access to the administrator/backend portion of the site and the text files are stored securely on Amazon’s cloud, with only one person having access.

SelfDecode is committed to our user's privacy. That is why we ensure our infrastructure meets modern security standards by enforcing the following practices:

- Secure SSL Certified Connections Only
- Script Protection
- Disk Write Protections
- Plugin Access Restriction
- External Security Penetration Testing
- Annual SAS 70 Type II Examinations
- Encryption of All Backup Media
- Maintain Audit Logs

We collect the least amount of information possible to provide you with the service, such as your name and email address. We do not collect home addresses or other identifying information. You also have an option to use a pseudonym if identifying information is a concern.

Your payment is processed by reputable and secure payment processing companies, i.e. Stripe and PayPal.

We also honor customer requests to completely delete their information from our database.

What will happen after I place an order for the SelfDecode DNA Test?

Once you order the SelfDecode DNA Test Kit, your order information will be securely passed onto our lab partner for shipping. Your test kit, along with a prepaid return shipping label will arrive in a few days.

The kit will be registered for you once you receive it. You only need to collect your  sample and mail it back according to the instructions in the kit.

Easily track the status of your shipment and samples through the SelfDecode portal. Once your results are ready, which may take around 6 - 8 weeks, you will receive an email to access them on SelfDecode.

What will happen to my existing DNA data on SelfDecode if I purchase a SelfDecode DNA Kit?

Your existing files will remain on your SelfDecode account at no extra charge. You can switch between your old and new files on your SelfDecode dashboard and generate the same reports for both.


SelfDecode does not attempt to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.  We are simply an interface in which you can more easily see what the science is saying about your genetics. Nothing that we have on the site is FDA approved.

  • Longevity and genetic factors that can lower life expectancy

  • How to optimize your genes for enhanced cognitive function

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  • Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer

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  • Analysis of 150,000 SNPs

  • Science backed information - we always link to our references!

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