Hereditary doesn’t mean inevitable. Even if you have a family history of thyroid problems, you can often overcome your genetic predispositions with the right supplements or lifestyle habits.

Over 20 million people in the US have thyroid problems.
 You can avoid it. 

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid-related autoimmune disease?

A Simple, Step-by-Step Process to Get You Started

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After signing up for SelfDecode, you will receive an email to activate your SelfDecode account. Click on the link and you will be prompted to enter your name and upload your SNP file to your SelfDecode dashboard.

Step 2

Once your upload is complete, visit the Wellness Reports page to generate your report.

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Download or print your Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report to see the personalized recommendations and share with your healthcare providers.

Your Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report is unique and personalized specifically for you and your health improvement journey.

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SelfDecode’s Personalized Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report is more affordable than genetic consults in a medical setting.

Average cost of testing for disease genes:

As featured in:


Our reports are designed for informational purposes only, and not for the treatment or diagnosis of disease. We aim to provide helpful insights and easy to implement lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. You should consult with your doctor before using any recommendations provided in our gene reports, especially if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the intricate research that goes in to these reports, we will not be able to provide a refund once you have uploaded your genetic information into our site for the purpose of the Gene Reports. 

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The thyroid is the master regulator of your hormones, but some variants impair its function.

 What variants do you carry? 

Average cost of a 15-minute visit with a genetic counselor:
$150 - $3000

Average cost of a consultation with a health coach:


Are you experiencing symptoms like:

Constant fatigue

Weakness & aches in muscles and joints

Dry skin

Depression or trouble concentrating

Abnormal weight gain

These could be early warning signs of thyroid problems developing!

Depending on the genetic variants that you have, you could be more at risk for an impaired immune system, leaving you vulnerable for viruses, infections, and autoimmune conditions.

Understanding your genes can unlock the information you need to make decisions that improve your thyroid health and strengthen and regulate your immune response.


Find out how to optimize your thyroid health by learning how to counteract your “problem” genes.


Finding the RIGHT Supplements & Lifestyle Habits
For Optimal Thyroid Function

There are remedies that are generally helpful for a health goal and there are remedies that will help a specific problem gene.

At SelfDecode, our team of geneticists, neuroscientists, and health experts examine the latest scientific research to look at both types of remedies and determine the set of supplement and lifestyle suggestions that are
perfect for you based on your unique DNA.

 Why Choose The Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report? 

It's the most comprehensive DNA report on the market.

While similar products from other companies typically analyze only a handful of individual SNPs, the Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report analyzes SNPs in 23 different genes that can significantly influence your thyroid health. Because the thyroid plays a part in many processes, the actionable, personalized health and lifestyle recommendations help you improve your thyroid function, and your overall health!

The Thyroid DNA Wellness Report was fully researched and written by SelfDecode’s resident team of genetic and neuroscience experts. The information in the report is also supported by the latest findings from dozens of scientific studies - all fully cited throughout the report so that you know exactly where our information is coming from.

It's 100% science-based.

We believe that you shouldn’t need a medical or scientific background in order to benefit from cutting-edge genetic analysis. Our straightforward explanations help you understand your genetic results at a glance, and allow you to easily take away the key insights that empower you to take your health into your own hands.

It's easy to understand - no PhD required!


The Team of Experts Behind the Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report

Puya Yazdi
Chief Science Officer 

Matt Carland
PhD (c) Clinical Neuropsychology Researcher

Jasmine Foster
BS (Biology), BEd
Science Writer

Specialized Science Reviewers:

Joe Cohen
SelfDecode Founder & CEO

Ana Aleksic
MS (Pharmacy)
Chief Science Editor

How do I know this Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report is for me?

If you want to optimize your thyroid function, boost your immune system  and optimize your overall health, then this report is for you. This report will help you understand the impact of your genes on your thyroid while providing actionable health recommendations designed to counteract any problematic genes.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How much do DNA Wellness Reports cost?

SelfDecode members receive the Health Overview DNA Wellness Report and five specialized reports of their choice (like this one!) with a SelfDecode subscription. Members also receive five additional DNA Wellness Reports for free each time they renew their annual subscription, which allows them to easily keep up with the new reports we release!

Members can also order additional specialized DNA Wellness Reports at any time for just $29 each, or purchase a 3-report bundle pack for $65.

A full individual membership to SelfDecode is available for $97 per year. We also offer a lifetime access package that includes all current and future reports, as well as exclusive access to our personalized SelfDecode blog.

Additionally, we offer a SelfDecode Professional Plan to help medical practitioners bring the advantages of genetic analysis into their own practice. This plan grants full access to all of our DNA Wellness Reports, as well as an unlimited number of gene file uploads to help you service all of your patients.

What happens after I sign up for SelfDecode?

After you sign up for SelfDecode, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can set your password and upload your genetic data. You’ll then be able to download your report under the “Wellness Reports” tab.

Can I see a sample of what is included in a DNA report?

Yes! You can look at a sample report using Joe Cohen’s DNA data here.

Where should I get my genes tested?

If you’re getting your genes tested for the first time, you can order a special SelfDecode testing kit here.

However, you can also use data from other companies! To ensure that everyone can benefit from our DNA Wellness Reports, we always make sure to include plenty of SNPs that are also available on chips from other companies (such as 23andMe, and FamilyTreeDNA). So if you’ve already gotten your genes sequenced by another service, don’t worry: you will still have enough SNP coverage to get plenty of value out of your DNA Wellness Reports!

What if the most important SNPs are not included in my genome file?

We have specifically selected the SNPs and genes featured in our reports to be compatible with all of the most popular genotyping chips.

In addition, our proprietary SelfDecode polygenic risk score algorithm enables us to make the best out of whatever genetic information you have on file -- even if it’s missing some SNPs!

Therefore, no matter where you got your genome sequenced, SelfDecode’s DNA Wellness Reports will be able to help identify your unique genetic strengths and weaknesses, as well as give you personalized recommendations to fix or improve them even further.

How do I know my data is secure?

We take your privacy and data security very seriously. This is why we employ multiple layers of data protection, including:

  • Secured data encryption
  • Restricting internal access to any personally-identifying information
  • Only collecting the minimum information necessary to provide you with the requested services
  • Payment processing by secure and reputable companies, such as PayPal and Stripe

We also do not (and will never) give away or sell any of your data to third-party companies.

You can read our full privacy policy 

Did you know your thyroid health plays a big part in your immune system?

Understand your genes to improve your thyroid function, boost your immune system and optimize your health!


 How To Use Your Genes to Improve Your Thyroid Health 

1. Understand how your genes can affect your thyroid health.

The thyroid is a complex piece of machinery that depends on a large number of different genes and their products. The Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report analyzes 23 genes correlated with thyroid function and autoimmunity and provides you with personalized health recommendations to keep your thyroid function optimal.

2. Determine the impact of your lifestyle choices and environment.

Because thyroid function is such a complex process, it’s affected by many different factors like stress, nutrition, and environmental toxins.

That’s why understanding your genetic predispositions is so important. It helps you determine what lifestyle changes you need to make in order to
improve your thyroid function and optimize your health.

3. Use gene-based personalized suggestions to improve your thyroid health.

In the Thyroid Health DNA Wellness Report, we provide personalized supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your specific genes. Your recommendations are prioritized based on what will have the most positive impact on your thyroid health!

Aleksa Ristic
MS (Pharmacy)
Science Writer