Discover how your genetics affect inflammation

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From mild stress to chronic health conditions, it doesn’t matter where inflammation begins. Inflammation can and will wreak havoc on your body and mind.

Personalized Insights Into Inflammation:
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Our reports are designed for informational purposes only, and not for the treatment or diagnosis of disease. We aim to provide helpful insights and easy to implement lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your health and wellness goals . You should consult with your doctor before using any recommendations provided in our gene reports, especially if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have pre-existing medical conditions.

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Due to the nature of the intricate research that goes in to these reports, we will not be able to provide a refund once you have uploaded your genetic information into our site for the purpose of the Gene Reports.

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At SelfDecode, we take your privacy and the security of your genetic data very seriously. To find out more about how we do this, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do DNA Wellness Reports cost?

SelfDecode members receive the Health Overview DNA Wellness Report and five specialized reports of their choice (like this one!) with a SelfDecode subscription. Members also receive five additional DNA Wellness Reports for free each time they renew their annual subscription, which allows them to easily keep up with the new reports we release! 

Members can also order additional specialized DNA Wellness Reports at any time for just $29 each, or purchase a 3-report bundle pack for $65. 

A full individual membership to SelfDecode is available for $97 per year. We also offer a lifetime access package that includes all current and future reports, as well as exclusive access to our personalized SelfDecode blog. 

Additionally, we offer a SelfDecode Professional Plan to help medical practitioners bring the advantages of genetic analysis into their own practice. This plan grants full access to all of our DNA Wellness Reports, as well as an unlimited number of gene file uploads to help you service all of your patients. 

What happens after I sign up for SelfDecode?

After you purchase your DNA Wellness Report, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your genetic data. You’ll then be able to download your report under the “Wellness Reports” tab. 

Can I see a sample of what is included in a DNA Wellness Report?

Yes! You can look at a sample report using Joe Cohen’s DNA data here.

Where should I get my genes tested?

If you're getting your genes tested for the first time, we recommend ordering one of our specially-designed SelfDecode testing kits here. We have specially curated the SNPs tested by our chip to ensure that you get the most value out of SelfDecode and our DNA Wellness Reports

However, you can also use data from other companies! To ensure that everyone can benefit from our DNA Wellness Reports, we always make sure to include plenty of SNPs that are also available on chips from other companies (such as 23andMe, and FamilyTreeDNA). So if you’ve already gotten your genes sequenced by another service, don’t worry: you will still have enough SNP coverage to get plenty of value out of your DNA Wellness Reports

What if the most important SNPs are not included in my genetic data set?

We have specifically selected the SNPs and genes featured in our reports to be compatible with all of the most popular genotyping chips. In addition, our proprietary SelfDecode polygenic risk score algorithm enables us to make the best out of whatever genetic information you have on file -- even if it’s missing some SNPs!

Therefore, no matter where you got your genome sequenced, SelfDecode’s DNA Wellness Reports will be able to help identify your unique genetic strengths and weaknesses, as well as give you personalized recommendations to fix or improve them even further.

How do I know my data is secure?

We take your privacy and data security very seriously. This is why we employ multiple layers of data protection, including: 

  • Secured data encryption 
  • Restricting internal access to any personally-identifying information 
  • Only collecting the minimum information necessary to provide you with the requested services 
  • Payment processing by secure and reputable companies, such as PayPal and Stripe 

We also do not (and will never) give away or sell any of your data to third-party companies. 

You can read our full privacy policy here

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Access to genetic information and analyses that are not yet available in conventional medical practice.

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Unlock SelfDecode's Inflammation DNA Wellness Report

Our wellness reports are unique and personalized specifically for helping you manage your inflammation

Personalized Inflammation DNA Wellness Report is More Affordable Than Genetic Consults in a Medical Setting

Average cost of a 15-minute visit with a genetic counselor:
$150 - $3000

Average cost of a consultation with a health coach:

Average cost of testing for disease genes:

SelfDecode's Personalized Inflammation DNA Wellness Report:

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For Only

Inflammation is caused by a complex mix of genetic and environmental factors, which can make it very difficult to address - especially while you’re suffering from exhaustion, depression, or any other inflammation-related symptoms.

A user-friendly list of personalized health & lifestyle recommendations that are individually tailored to your specific genes & SNPs.

Detailed Risk Assessment scores, supplement recommendations, and more - all based on the latest scientific data; we even include all our references!

Find out how your genes are influencing your inflammation response. Whether it’s a cause or a symptom, our Inflammation Report gives you personalized analyses and recommendations which will increase your chances of successfully managing your health.

Features In Your Personalized Inflammation Wellness Report…



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Takes into account all relevant genes for interpretation and recommendations -- not just the most popular one!

Provides advanced genetic information and interpretations that are not yet commonplace in medical practices.

Simplifies all the science down to exactly what you need to know. You don’t need a PhD or medical degree to understand our gene reports.

More affordable than genetic testing in a medical setting.

Focused on risks, disease prevention, and education rather than diagnosis.

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