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Explore the SelfDecode platform through an engaging demo. Navigate from your Dashboard to your Health Reports and Personalized Recommendations. Focus on a particular health category or get an overall picture of your main genetic risks. Explore the Labs and Lifestyle features to gain a holistic understanding of your health and well-being.

My SNPs and Genes

Browse through your genes from each Health Report or simply search for a particular gene you are interested in. My SNP’s and Genes feature allows you to bookmark specific genes and even add them to a gene pack to keep your most important genes in one place.

How to upload labs

Input your lab test results by uploading a pdf or photo. Ensure all entries are entered correctly and analyze your lab markers to get more accurate recommendations.

Completing your Lifestyle Assessments

Your DNA and Labs are only part of the story. Take a few minutes to complete your Lifestyle Assessments in order to get a clear picture of how your day-to-day impacts your health. See which answers increase certain risks and work on improving them by implementing specific lifestyle changes.


Answers to common questions

For a walkthrough of getting set up with SelfDecode, please see our Quick Start Guide

Something we tell people new to the site is: There are a lot of ways to use SelfDecode. You can go as surface-level or in-depth as you want. DNA Health Reports are a great place to start. 

You can see an overview of your genetic risks on your account dashboard. If you scroll down, you’ll see a diagram of a body. Anywhere that there is an exclamation point shows a genetic risk that’s been identified in one of your Health Reports. By viewing the reports that show a genetic risk has been identified, you can decide where to focus. 

One strategy many customers find helpful is to pick the reports that relate to current health issues they’re dealing with.

If you would like individual help with interpreting your results, you can purchase a consultation plan with one of our health coaches here.

Please read this before shipping your DNA sample back to us.*

Shipping from Australia? Click here.
Shipping from Canada? Click here.
Shipping from Israel? Click here.

For all other countries, please see below: 

We include all of the return shipping materials that you will need to return your DNA sample to our lab, including a prepaid return label. 

Here are the steps to follow to ship your kit to our lab: 

  1. Once you have collected your sample, place your sample in the biohazard bag. 
  2. Put the biohazard bag containing the sample into the SelfDecode box.
  3. Put the entire box in the return envelope and seal the envelope. 
  4. Schedule a pickup or drop your sample off with the correct courier. See your return label for the correct courier (USPS, UPS, or FedEx), or email if you’re not sure.

Please make sure you are sending the sample back with the correct courier. Unless you are shipping your sample within the United States, your local post office is not the correct courier. It’s better to email us to confirm the courier if you aren’t sure to avoid having your sample lost in transit.

Links to Schedule Pick-Ups and Find Drop-Off Locations

For customers in the United States, schedule a USPS pickup here or drop the kit off at your local post office. 

If your return label is from UPS, schedule a pickup here or drop your package off at a UPS location.

If your return label is from FedEx, please visit their website to schedule a pick-up or find a drop-off location.

Additional Information

We recommend that you record your tracking number so you can track your sample’s journey to our lab. (You also should have received the tracking number in an email when your DNA kit shipped.)

If you want to use a different courier, you are welcome to purchase your own return label from them. Please email for the correct shipping address. 

If the courier or customs requests any additional information or documentation from you, please email and we will be happy to provide it to you.

Your results come in the form of Health Reports and Trait Reports. These reports are the interpretation of your raw DNA file.

Health Reports are health-related reports. They provide a risk score for different health conditions, and when applicable, offer diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations for improving your health.

Trait Reports look at how your DNA influences your traits. 

Here are instructions for accessing your Health Reports:

  1. Please log in to your SelfDecode account. 
  2. Select  DNA > Health Reports from the top of the screen. 
  3. On this page, you can scroll down through the Health Reports (sorted from highest to lowest risk) or you can filter your options using one of the report category options:

  4. Once you find the Health Report you want to view, click anywhere on the card to open the report.

    Your Health Reports should already be generated, but if they aren’t for some reason, you may need to click Generate Report and wait for it to generate. It usually only takes a few minutes, but it may take a few hours.

  1. Your report will open in a new tab. Click More on how this works to learn more about SelfDecode, and how we determine your risk scores.

Here are instructions for accessing your Trait Reports:

  1. Please log in to your SelfDecode account. 
  2. Select DNA > Traits from the top of the screen. 
  3. On this page, you can scroll down through the Trait Reports or you can filter your reports by selecting one of the category options provide

  4. Once you find the Trait Report you want to view, click anywhere on the card to open the report.

    Your Trait Reports should already be generated, but if they aren’t for some reason, you may need to click Generate Report and wait for it to generate. It usually only takes a few minutes, but it may take a few hours.

  1. Your report will open in a new tab. Click More on how this works to learn more about SelfDecode, and how we determine your trait likelihood.

The SNP tables show what genotype you have for different genetic variants (SNPs).

Here are definitions for each column on the SNP tables:

SNP: pronounced “snips”, these are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or genetic variants; please see this video to learn about SNPs
Genotype: The alleles or variants you carry in this particular SNP
Frequency: Allele frequency; the relative frequency of the allele for this SNP in a population (based on your ethnicity choice when you signed up)
Risk Allele: Please see this article here
Importance: The importance scores reflect how much research there is to back up a particular association. The higher the importance score number, the more research here is.

If you have any other questions, please see Genetics 101 and Science FAQs.

Did you know that you can search for any SNP or gene you are interested in, within your SelfDecode account?

  1. Click the blue magnifying glass on the navigation panel

  2. Type the name of your search topic into the text box that appears, and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  3. You will then see all of the items that relate to your search in our entire database! 
  4. Select the specific gene from the search results or suggestions that appear:

  5. You will be directed to the SNP or gene page.
    Here you’ll find your personalized SNP table*, information about the gene, its functions, and related research.

You can see a guide for reading the SNP tables

What’s important to note is that it’s rare for a single SNP to have a major influence on your health. It’s better to look at all of your SNPs related to a topic together, which is what we do for you within your DNA reports.

*Please note that the availability of results for specific genes may depend on the genetic testing data you have uploaded to your SelfDecode account. If you have not uploaded your genetic data or if the specific gene is not covered in your genetic test, there may not be any results available for that gene.

If you want to share your Health Reports or save them, you can do so by generating a PDF, which you can then print, save, or email.

  1. Visit the Health Reports page. You can navigate to this page by selecting DNA > Health Reports from the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down or search for the report you want to generate a report for and select the downward-facing arrow in the right-hand corner of the report:

  3. Choose which sections to want to appear on the report. 

    You can select the ‘full’ or ‘simple’ view for your recommendations, depending on how detailed you want the report to be. Full View shows the complete details about the recommendation; Simple View shows just the header. You can also choose to only show lab results or risk assessments that are outside the optimal range:

    Note: Clicking ‘Save my preference’ will save your selections for next time. 

  4. Customize which recommendations you want to appear on the page:

    Note: you may notice some different recommendations here vs. in the actual report. We include all of the recommendations here so that you can pick and choose which ones are a good fit for your client. 

    If you don’t want to see a particular recommendation anymore on any reports, you can deselect the recommendation and then select “Uncheck by default”. This recommendation will automatically be deselected when you generate future PDFs

  5. Feel free to add any notes.

  6. Select ‘Generate PDF’ and allow a few moments for us to generate your client’s report!

  7. Click ‘Download’ to save the report directly to your computer, or ‘Copy Link’ to share it via your preferred method of communication:

SelfDecode Labs (formerly known as Lab Test Analyzer) is a service that allows you to upload lab test results from your doctor or our Lab Shop* and then we analyze them to tell you whether your markers are in the optimal range and offer recommendations to help you improve your markers. 

We created SelfDecode Labs because having your markers in the normal range doesn’t mean they are optimal. The optimal range is the range that research has shown to be correlated with the lowest risk of death and illness. 

SelfDecode Labs brings together all the available information about lab tests from medical literature. Not only do we explain what the labs are, but we also explain to you the reasons why they’re ordered and what your results mean to you. In addition, you will also have a list of both natural and medical options to improve your health based on your lab results, which you can discuss implementing with your doctor.

More often than not, if you’re struggling with some health issues that the doctors cannot pinpoint, you may have normal but suboptimal results. Understanding which of your test results are suboptimal can often give you insights into what’s malfunctioning in your body, even when you don’t have a diagnosis yet. For several of our customers, these insights led them to become successful health detectives for themselves.

*The Lab Shop is only available in the United States. It’s not available in AZ, NY, NJ, and RI. 

SelfDecode is designed to be as user-friendly and actionable as possible, but we do understand that some customers want one-on-one attention with a professional. We have genetic counsellors on staff if you are interested in consultations.

We do offer single session genetics results review consultations. The genetics results review is an hour long 1:1 meeting, where we give you an overview of how to interpret your reports. We typically go through one report thoroughly so you can see how to best use the rest of your reports. You can learn more and sign up for the single session here:

The genetics results review session is a great place to start, but it is more so geared toward helping you understand how to read your reports. It doesn’t get into specific health issues.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth consultation program, the 1:1 consultation membership may be of interest. This is a monthly subscription where you can meet with a Health Coach every month to discuss your results! You can learn more and sign up here:

Please follow these instructions to cancel your subscription.

  1. Please log in and visit

Tip: You can also access this page while logged in by hovering over the icon pictured below in the top right of the screen and choosing My Account.

  1. Then select  Plans from the sidebar on the left-hand side

  2. Click Cancel Subscription on the window that appears.
  3. Enter your login credentials.
  4. Choose the reason that you are canceling and click Cancel Subscription.

This will set your subscription to non-renewal. If you would like to close your account immediately instead, please email Please note that auto-renewals on subscriptions are non-refundable. 

What's new

Our latest updates and releases

Conditions & Goals

Personalize your path to well-being even more, by telling us your symptoms, conditions and health goals. Take our new questionnaire and see how the priority of your recommendations changes. You can revisit it as often as you want, depending on your current health state.

Non-Genetic Reports

Explore our series of non-genetic reports, including cancer reports! These reports are based on general research and are not personalized to your DNA, but it is worth checking out the symptoms and recommendations associated with them. Scroll to the bottom of each category to find them, or simply search for them.

New Reports Added

Our science team is constantly adding new reports to your account. Generate your new reports to find out if you’re prone to phobias or panic attacks.

Note: To generate the new Fibromyalgia and Schizophrenia reports you’ll need access to Disease Reports.

Quality of Evidence

Your health reports can now be sorted by quality of evidence. The Quality of Evidence score shows you which risk reports have more scientific evidence than others.

Health Score

Discover your health score in each health category based on your DNA, Labs and Lifestyle and focus on specific areas to improve your overall health.

Meal Plan Builder

Scroll through hundreds of recipes to create a meal plan specifically tailored to your DNA and Lifestyle. With this feature you can track your macros and access your weekly grocery list so you don’t have to worry about a thing at the supermarket!

Pro Connect

Members can now connect with their healthcare professionals and allow them to access their results. Easily share files and advice through our Pro Connect feature!

Your Personalized Recommendations

Navigate through the Recommendation feature to find out a list of personalized recommendations. Understand what the impact and evidence scores mean and select the ones you want to add to your action plan!

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Unlock your Disease Reports

Discover your genetic predisposition for serious medical conditions like stroke or Alzheimer’s, by speaking to our healthcare professional.

Save up to 50% on Labs

Order your lab panels today and save up to 50% on your lab tests. Discount for SelfDecode members automatically applied at checkout.

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The Joe Cohen Show

Join our CEO, Joe Cohen, on his podcast as he shares his 15+ years of experience in biohacking and talks to world-class health experts about how to achieve optimal health.


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Health reports

High Blood Sugar
Gluten Sensitivity
Gut Inflammation
Blood Pressure
Mood Swings
Memory Performance
Sexual Dysfunction
Joint Pain
Chronic Fatigue / Tiredness
Food Allergy
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
Restless Leg Syndrome
Grinding Teeth
Vitamin A
Heart Health
(High) Cholesterol
Chronic Pain
Back pain
Shoulder & Neck Pain
Omega-3 needs
Salt Sensitivity
Power performance
Exercise recovery
Brain Fog
Female Fertility
Erectile Dysfunction
Male Infertility
Joint Inflammation
Sleep Apnea
Varicose Veins
H. pylori
Liver Health
Canker Sores
Kidney Health
Hair Loss (Male-Pattern Baldness)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sinus Congestion
Artery Hardening
Excessive Sweating
Testosterone – Males
Yeast infection (Candida)
Tobacco addiction
Alcohol addiction
Uterine fibroids
Length of menstrual cycle
Kidney Stones
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Eating Disorders
Bone Health
Sugar Cravings
Hearing/difficulty problem /Hearing loss
Painful Periods
Bladder Control
Low Blood Sugar
Irregular Periods
Metabolic rate
Visceral fat
Lung Health
Cognitive Decline
Seasonal Low Mood
Vitamin K
Cluster headaches
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
Low back injury
Cannabis addiction
Histamine Intolerance
Pesticide Sensitivity
Organophosphate Sensitivity
High PTH
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
Oxalate Sensitivity
Salicylate Sensitivity
Facial Wrinkles
Age Spots
Ligament Rupture (ACL Injury)
Tendon Injury (Tendinopathy)
Omega 6
Omega 6:Omega 3 Ratio
Arachidonic Acid
Oleic Acid
Alpha-Linolenic Acid
Linoleic Acid
Insulin Resistance
Sperm Motility
C difficile
EBV Infection
Gastrointestinal Infection
Chronic Bronchitis
Skin Elasticity
Skin Hydration
Egg allergy
Bioavailable Testosterone (Male)
Free T4
Processing Speed
Short-term memory
Air pollution sensitivity
Heart Rate
VO2 Max
Hair graying
Caffeine-Related Sleep Problems
Groin Hernia
Stretch marks
Droopy Eyelids
Strep infection
Dry eyes
Carbohydrate Consumption
Peanut allergy
Heart rate recovery
Muscle recovery
Jaw Disorders
HPV Infection
Acute Bronchitis
Genital Herpes
Pancreas inflammation
Executive Function
Pyroglutamic acid
Liver Scarring
Bioavailable Testosterone (Female)
Shrimp allergy
Milk allergy
LDL Particle Size
Uric acid
Ketone Bodies
IL-17A (Th17 Dominance)
Creatine Kinase
Total Protein
Alkaline Phosphatase
IL10 (Th2)
IL-6 (Th2 and Th17)
Chili Pepper sensitivity
DRD2 (Dopamine)
Lectin Sensitivity
Mold Sensitivity (Foodborne)
Chronic Lyme
Glyphosate sensitivity
BPA Sensitivity
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
Growth Hormone
Sensitivity to Dairy (IgG Casein)
Telomere Length
Serotonin (5HIAA)
Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (IgG Gliadin)
Mold Sensitivity (Airborne)
Low Sperm Count
Blood Calcium
HDL Cholesterol
Total Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Fasting Glucose
Bilirubin (total)
White blood cell count
Red blood cell count
Sleep Quality
Lactose Intolerance
Saturated fat
Optimal diet
Unsaturated fat
Achilles tendon injury
Deep sleep
Response to Stress
Ankle injury
Optimal Exercise
Knee Injury
Rotator cuff injury
Daytime Sleepiness
Time spent watching TV
Disliking cilantro
Alcohol Sensitivity
Response to Caffeine
Weight Regain
Sleep movement
Wearing glasses or contacts
Educational Attainment
Bitter Taste Sensitivity
Openness to experience
Physical activity
Caffeine-Related Anxiety