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Transform Your Practice Using Precision Health

Important Timestamps

0:00 – 1:32 = Introduction

1:33 – 19:20 = Using a Precision Health Approach

19:21 – 45:12 = Case Study Example

45:13 – 47:52 = Conclusion

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What Health Practitioners Are Saying…

“Looking at the whole individual is key and SelfDecode is a big part of that. It has actually made me a better doctor.

Dr. Jeni Weis, Naturopathic Doctor

“What I love most about it is being able to help people take those preventative measures against genetic predispositions at that epigenetic level.”

Sarah, Nutritionist & Life Coach

“It allows us to take a deeper dive into areas we want to go towards.”

Dr. Jacob Behrens, Psychiatrist

“I recently signed up for SelfDecode as a health professional and it was the best decision! I love that I can analyze my clients’ lab data as well as their genetics all on one tool.”

Sarah Goldberg

I love the wealth of info available on SD. I am a practitioner and recommend SD to my clients. It’s fascinating to help them all dive into their genetics and learn to optimize it.”

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