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How to Be A DNA-Based Health Coach Webinar

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Essential Takeaways

You don’t need to be a doctor to be a DNA Health Coach. It’s not medical genetics – you are not diagnosing or treating anyone. You’re going through their genetics, seeing their risks, and making recommendations.
DNA is only one part of the story – always be aware of labs, diet, lifestyle, history, etc.
Understand the details of your clients’ lifestyle and how that affects their risks.


Take your health coaching to the next level…


Take your health coaching to the next level…

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Introduction and Topics (0:00-1:55)

  • The goal of this webinar and the topics covered

Where to Learn About DNA (1:56-3:36)

  • “If you’re getting into this field, I’d recommend you learn a ton…”
  • How to learn about genetics – everything from using DNA in your health practice to genetic risk.

Fundamental Topics in DNA Health Consult (5:37-9:04)

  • The topics you should cover when doing a DNA Health Consult.
  • Common questions your clients will have.

Genetics Is Very Serious (9:05-10:16)

  • Treating genetics as it truly is

Putting together a Genetic Consult (10:17-12:09)

  • Why would a client be interested in looking at their genetics for health?
  • What kind of things you should be looking at in a genetic consult?

Health Intake Blueprint (12:10-14:58)

  • Asking the right questions to discover the major factors affecting their health.
  • Their past history, family history, their supplement intake, etc.

Integrating Genetics (14:59-17:27)

  • After gathering all their information, select the most relevant DNA reports for them
  • Do not throw everything at them at once – create a priority list.

Using the DNA Wellness Reports (17:28-20:52)

  • The major changes in the new DNA Wellness Reports
  • How we’re able to analyze so many variants with the same DNA test
  • How imputation works

Case Study Example (20:53-34:04)

  • Applying these principles to an actual client
  • Using Lab Test Analyzer to get more information from a client’s lab results
  • How to digest all the information in the DNA Wellness Reports

Putting Together Recommendations (34:05-35:54)

  • Adding & tracking recommendations to your clients regimen

General Consult Tips (35:55-37:50)

  • Sometimes, looking at the reports will provide us what we need.
  • Don’t necessarily need to go down a SNP rabbit hole or gene rabbit hole

DNA Based Practitioner Tips (37:51-41:17)

  • The best way to learn using DNA in your health practice
  • Choosing a niche

Submitted Questions From Practitioners (41:18-48:06)

  • What is the value and efficacy of measuring DNA vs measuring epigenetic markers?
  • How do you create a care plan from the DNA testing?
  • How do I become a DNA based health coach without being a doctor?
  • What is the most effective approach in educating patients on health from a genetic perspective?
  • What’s an effective and confidence-inspiring way to tell clients what a DNA-based health coach does?
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