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Learn which supplements could be effective for Coronavirus prevention & discover the latest information about COVID-19!

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Coronavirus & Your Genes

Initial research suggests that age, gender, geographic location, underlying health conditions and your genes may influence the severity and susceptibility to COVID-19.

In this e-book, we’ll discuss the connection between the genes you carry and COVID-19.

Could zinc, astragalus, vitamin D or bee pollen help fight coronavirus? 

We're diving into the details on 20+ supplements to discover if they could be effective in the fight against COVID-19!

Supplements to Fight Coronavirus


And More!

Fighting COVID-19

The Ultimate Supplement & Gene Guide

Why Are People Dying From COVID-19?

Knowing the co-existing conditions that make coronavirus more deadly means that you may have an opportunity to implement changes that reduce your risk. 

In this e-book, you'll be able to learn what co-existing factors and particular populations have been associated with an increased COVID-19 mortality rate.

We've included my own personal anti-infection protocol, including the supplements and lifestyle habits I've been using for years to fight off infections like COVID-19. 

We'll also discuss how you can build your own personalized protocol to boost your immune system to the max!

Joe's Personal Anti-Infection Protocol